Examples of work sites in the Olkiluoto area:

  • Spent fuel storage expansion construction and excavation work.
  • IV, construction and mining.
  • Areva's new storage area of the construction work.
  • Areva accommodation village expansion, land and municipal engineering.
  • Southern and northern parts of the construction of accommodation in the village.
  • Fire water and district heating line construction.
  • Fire water, raw water, usage water and sewage line construction of new concrete station.
  • Extension of Posiva construction site area
  • Gas turbine area: structural layers, pipe lines and safety pool construction.
  • Waste concrete and rock crushing and processing.
  • Warehouse extension related land and drainage works
  • Area constuction of the main gate building of the entry road.

Examples of other work sites:

  • Lavila, Eurajoki: land and municipal engineering.
  • Step 3, Silikallio road and municipal engineering
  • Rauma harbor: Komppi noise barrier and drainage work.
  • Mäntyluoto harbor area: water and pressure sewer works.
  • Mäntyluoto container yard construction.
  • Crushing plants for contractors.

Examples of our partners:

Cities, municipalities, construction firms, industrial plants and private individuals.
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